Awarding $12,000 Towards Your CiAM MBA Tuition

New 2020 MBA Tuition Scholarship:

CiAM is awarding multiple $12,000 (50%) scholarships for first-generation students applying to both the Accelerated MBA in Executive Management and Accelerated Project Management MBA. Available for those who qualify, see eligibility below.

Only 20 scholarships are available for 2020,


First-Generation Student Graduate Scholarship

01. Available to first-generation students (first in their immediate family to graduate with a bachelor's degree or higher).

02. Must enroll in the Accelerated MBA, full-time, hybrid program. Scholarship only applicable towards a degree at CiAM.

Eligibility Requirements

Discover if you qualify for the First-Generation Student Graduate Scholarship

03. Must be a U.S. citizen or Permanent Resident and a California Resident.

Application Process

Download and Complete Scholarship Application Form

Complete the form on this page to download the easy-to-follow PDF application form.

Letter of Recommendation

Submit a letter of recommendation from faculty, an employer, or community leader etc..

Write a Personal Statement

500 or more words explaining your background, challenges as first-generation student, and how this scholarship would impact you, your future, and your family.

Applying for the First-Generation Student Graduate Scholarship is as easy as 1, 2, 3...

See how CiAM is leading the experiential learning movement.

About the CiAM Master of Business Administration

Engage with real, live, businesses as part of coursework in class or online.


Live Consulting Projects

Maintaining small class sizes to deliver the best learning experience possible.


Students Per Class Maximum

Grades are 100% based on projects, presentations, and group work.


Exams, Tests, or Quizzes

12 Months. 12 Courses. Hybrid & Online. Evening Classes.

CiAM is conveniently located in Alhambra, CA, only 15 minutes away from Downtown LA, with evening class times to match your busy schedule. Hybrid and online course pairings designed to provide you maximum flexibility. Classes meet once per week.

One-Year Accelerated MBA:

MBA in Executive Management

Gain Business Skills Through Managing Real Business Projects

MBA in Executive Management,

Concentration in Project Management

Deliver Dynamic Results in Any Organization

Bachelors Degree from an Accredited University

One Year of Work Experience

Successful completion of the CiAM Writing Assessment

Admissions Requirements

No GMAT or GRE Required - Start Today!

The purpose of the First-Generation Student Graduate Scholarship is to help support the academic pioneers in the family; being the first comes with a level of difficulty and uncertainty, CiAM students, faculty and staff know this from personal experience. In fact, CiAM staff is comprised of many first-generation students and we understand the experience. 

First-Generation Students come from many different backgrounds and contribute to the diversity of CiAM’s campus, and enrich its culture. We expect they will become the responsible leaders of the future with their many contributions. That's why we're on a mission to support first-generation students; our goal is to provide the skills and experience needed in their journey of becoming the next generation of business leaders.

Is this Scholarship for You?

Edward Martinez,  Alumni

"The university’s unique teaching structure has contributed to the enhancement of my leadership and communication skills through every consulting engagement and exposure to the 'real-world' experience."

Miranda Lam, Alumni

"CiAM’s rigorous, dynamic courses challenged me to perform in many areas, from public speaking to conducting and producing professional business consulting reports. I am very grateful for the education I have received at CiAM."


See what our students and alumni have to say about the CiAM difference.

Srini Santhanam,  Alumni

"Other universities are not doing what CiAM is doing: real-world consulting, including experiential learning and thinking on your feet. That is what makes this program unique."

Helping to Close the Opportunity Gap

First-generation students are challenged across a myriad of variables. 27% of first-generation students come from households making $20,000 USD or less, compared to 6 percent of continuing-generation students. Past research has indicated that students whose parents have no education beyond high school are significantly less likely to graduate than peers whose parents have at least a bachelor’s degree. 

The ability to advance in one's career often depends on acquiring the education and skills needed for leadership positions. The continued fostering and growth of first-generation students is critical to the ongoing growth and innovation in the business sector, and a major driver of the economy.

Become the Business Leader of Tomorrow

The CiAM MBA program was created to provide training and support, business knowledge acceleration and a dynamic learning environment that produces ongoing momentum, breakthroughs, and growth. It’s based on how skills are actually developed in the real world. It’s about putting your results on the fast track and effecting responsible leadership.

So, if you’re done with having to memorize facts for a test that you'll forget within a few days, then the CiAM MBA is the ideal program for you.

You will work on up to 6 consulting projects, where you help solve real-world business problems.

You will utilize online enhanced learning technology designed to work with your current lifestyle.

You will obtain proven skills that are difficult to find by delivering results on projects and presentations...not exams.

You will refine your managerial acumen to understand how to address today's complex business situations.

You will learn how to manage a business in ways that are responsible, inclusive, and humanistic.

You other words...completely redefine yourself to emerge as the business leader that will solve tomorrow's challenges.

Don't Wait, $12,000 Scholarships Won't Last - Apply Today!

If you have any questions, please contact our Admissions Department at (626) 350-1500.

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